Plan for tomorrow. Live for today.

Consilio (Latin) – planning, deliberate, intentionally, by design.

At Consilio Wealth Advisors, planning is at the core of every decision we make with our clients. We are a sophisticated team of advisors that came together with a unified philosophy - to help people be smart with their money, to manage more than just their investments, and to track and achieve progress along the way.

It’s been our experience that the more targeted focus and energy given to a specific niche, the more valuable we become. That is why we have chosen to make our primary focus in two areas – mid-late career technology professionals with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, and retirees/pre-retirees who are nearing a transition to financial independence.

Consilio Wealth Advisors is known for delivering high-value financial planning, progressive investment strategies, and insurance services tailored to high net-worth individuals and families.